Writing Web Copy

Hiring a good writer for your website content can pay for itself many times over. Well-written websites attract more visitors and generate more enquiries and sales.

Why is your website’s written text so important?

  1. Your website is competing against many other websites, so your website content needs to grab the visitor’s attention immediately.
    You achieve this by writing concise easy-to-read text that answers the user’s search query from the start.
  2. Your purpose is to persuade or inform the reader. This can only be achieved by well-written website content and good design. This will draw your audience through your text and to other pages on your website.
  3. Your website should gain the visitor’s trust by showing off your knowledge and competence in the subject matter. You are not just trying to sell your product or argument. You also need to answer the questions that visitors have in their minds. You do this by including plenty of informative text content, on multiple pages if possible.

Your website content also affects your Google page ranking

You may have a great-looking website, but that is no use if no one ever sees it. More relevant content, used the right way, will boost your website’s ranking in Google (or Bing/Yahoo) searches.

The discipline of optimising websites to improve their ranking is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Many factors determine how highly your web pages rank in Google searches. The number and quality of incoming links is probably the most important factor. But the quality of your website content is also critically important.

There is an art to writing good webcopy, and many web designers do a poor job of it. They are better designers than writers. Others build your website, but leave the text-writing to you. That is where a good website content writer can help.

I can assist you with:

  • Writing, editing or proofreading your web content
  • Search Engine Optimisation advice to get your website to rank higher in Google searches
  • Some WordPress issues (please note that I am not a web designer or coder)

If you are in Christchurch NZ, then I can assist you in person if you wish.

Contact me for assistance in writing, editing or proofreading your web copy.

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