I have always been drawn to writing: writing as a record, as a story line, as instructions, and as a tool of persuasion.

Across my lifetime my writing has embraced a wide range of subject matter. Here is some of it:

  • I have completed a book about the origin and evolution of New Zealand’s native plants and animals. The Lonely Islands is scheduled for publication by New Holland in 2021.
  • I have written text for brochures and interpretation panels in a variety of settings in the Christchurch area and the wider South Island.
  • I have worked on software applications in mainframe computer systems. Much of my job entailed writing proposals and documentation for end users. It was the kind of stuff that many of my colleagues detested. For me it was one of the best parts of the job.
  • I completed a Master of Science in Botany. Academic writing requires clear thinking, discipline and precision. My thesis questioned biogeographical hypotheses, and dug into the world of DNA sequencing and analysis.
  • As a former advocate for outdoor recreation, I wrote numerous submissions relating to public access and nature conservation.
  • I kept a diary of my travels for three months in Japan, China and northern Pakistan in 1993. This snapshot of travel in those countries at that time is comprehensive, and amounts to almost 90,000 words. I am currently condensing and editing the diary for publishing as an e-book.
  • And yes, like most people in the work force, I do have experience in writing job applications and updating my CV.

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