I am a freelance writer and published author based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I can help you if you need a writer or editor for your non-fiction work, business document, personal memoir or website text content.

You could be at any of these stages:

  • You know what you want to communicate but you need somebody to put it into words.
  • You have written a draft and now you require an editor to ensure that it clearly conveys your message. 
  • You are looking for a proofreader to check for grammatical and spelling errors.  

I can help. Over my lifetime I have written a range of material including a non-fiction book, post-graduate academic work, computer documentation, submissions and heritage interpretation material.
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Contact me, Terry Thomsen, and we can discuss your work, and progress to date.  We can communicate via email, phone, Skype or Zoom.

If you are in Christchurch, New Zealand, then we can meet in person if you wish.

I will then provide you with a quotation for my services.


Proofreader, writer, and editor, Terry Thomsen, in Christchurch New Zealand



Why good writing matters

Whatever your purpose, successfully getting your message across depends on how well you write.
You should always have the basic rules in mind: be clear, concise and to the point.



Non-fiction writing

Before starting your non-fiction work, ensure that you have a clear idea of the scope of your project; then plan the structure accordingly.
Your storyline needs to be engaging, so think about the flow of your narrative while engaging the usual principles of good writing.



Web copy (website content)

A good website content writer knows that you only have seconds to hold visitors’ attention and persuade them to read further. Your website text content should answer the visitor’s question, and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject area.
High quality web copy written with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind also improves your ranking in Google searches.
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Manuals and documentation

It pays to find a competent business writer and communicator to write your business manuals and documentation. Poorly-written procedures and instructions will cost you in the long run.
Ambiguities, omissions and unclear writing will result in excessive questions, procedures not being followed, and wastage. All of these eat away at productivity in the workplace and reduce your profitability.



Promotional material and proposals

When your purpose as a writer is to persuade, you need to be very clear with your reasoning.
In writing proposals and promotional material, the golden rules of clarity, brevity and directness are paramount. Remember – competitors are also clamouring for the decision-maker’s attention.



Academic essays, projects and theses

Along with the usual rules of good writing, precision in academic writing is key in getting your argument across.
Poor writing that is littered with grammatical and spelling errors is distracting, makes your work harder to read, and will affect your grade.
Read more about writing academic essays and theses 



Memoirs and other personal stories

Before starting your memoir, it is worthwhile to chat to a writer. An impartial listener who has writing skills can help you to organise your thoughts, which will help you to structure your memoir. Writers are also good at picking out worthwhile storylines (even if they have not occurred to you), and how to tell them.
If you are writing your own memoir, be sure to maintain your ‘voice’ so that your writing resonates with those who are close to your heart.